Outdoor In-Person Worship: starting May 9!

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Join us for worship! 

In-Person: Sundays at 9:00 am

Worship in the Parking Lot

Beginning May 9, bring your lawn chairs (if you don't have one, we'll have a chair for you to use ) and join us in the choir parking lot for our summer services!


All attendees will be required to sign-in with your name and contact information (this is for contact tracing if needed), wear masks, use hand-sanitizer and observe social distancing from the time you enter the parking lot through the time you leave the parking lot in order to keep everyone safe during our time together. Restrooms will be available through the preschool entrance.

But what if it rains?!

For the month of May, we plan to meet outside, light rain or shine. If we expect heavy rain or heavier weather, we will cancel the service – check this page for details! We will announce cancellations the evening before. COVID-related guidance is likely to change in the coming weeks – we encourage grace and flexibility as we adjust to changes as they occur. 

"So I can take my mask off since I'm vaccinated, right?!"

Pastor Jason, Pastor Katie, and Ellen Q. walk us through some FAQs about outdoor in-person worship. 

What to expect:


Drive into the parking lot and you'll be greeted by a member of our parking lot team. Access to the regular parking lot will be by Burke Lake Road entrance only. Handicapped spaces will be available closest to the worship area. 

They'll hold up this sign and ask you if you've read the Health Acknowledgement Information. Please read the info below ahead of time so we can keep the line flowing and be sure we're all as safe as we can be when we gather.







Once you give them a thumbs up, they'll point you in the right direction and show you to your parking spot! Be sure each person in your car has a mask on and everything they need for worship before hopping out of the car. 




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<-- Click here for the PDF!


As you walk over to the choir parking lot where our service will take place, there will be a table where you can pick up your Worship Info Sheet with the hymn lyrics and a connect card. Please fill out the connect card when you get seated and there will be an opportunity to drop it off as you head out after worship. We need this for contact tracing, but promise not to spam you with emails! You can click the image to the right to download the PDF of the Connect Card if you prefer to fill it out ahead of time, but we'll have a copy for you when you arrive.


After grabbing your Worship Info Sheet, you will find an usher in the parking lot who will help you find a spot for you and your pod. Feel free to bring your own lawn chairs; if you don't have any, we'll have a chair for you! We will be seating attendees front to back to ensure proper distancing and to maximize our space.

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You'll be guided through the worship service by our pastors and lay leaders, so even if you've never worshipped with us before you'll be just fine! We invite you to sing along with the hymns - but please keep your mask on, even while seated. 

If you have any specific prayer requests or questions, we invite you to write those on the back of your connect card throughout the service. We'd love to stay connected and be praying for you throughout the weeks to come!


Once the worship service is over, you'll be invited to stop back by one of the tables, drop off your Worship Info Sheet and there will be an opportunity to give an offering and then you can head to your car. As much as we want to be together like we used to be, we're not quite there yet! Please keep your mask on until you are in your car and maintain physical distance from other households as you're saying your goodbyes. We will let you know as COVID protocols change and there are more chances for "after church chatting" in the months to come.

You are a valued and beloved part of this community and of the family of God and we are delighted to get to worship with you in person soon! We'll see you May 9!

Where do I go?

What do I do?!

Here's all the info above, but with visuals! We can't wait to worship with you soon.

We need your help!

We need volunteers to help with these services – parking assistants, ushers, greeters, set-up, and take-down assistants.

You can sign up today by clicking the button below!

We're excited to see you soon!

You can print this out and fill it out ahead of time if you want, but we'll have printed copies for you when you arrive each week!