June 21, 2020

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Order of Worship

Prelude                     "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know," arr. Lloyd Larson

Words of Welcome & Call to Worship


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Opening Prayer

Loving and Gracious God, through your son Jesus, you taught us to abide in your generous love, for it completes our lives and gives us joy; you ask us to love others as you have loved us, for it brings your creation to fruition. Help us to understand that love as the catalyst for relationship, healing, and hope. May we worship you this morning and abide in your love that it may center us to share that love with others. Amen.

Opening Hymn              "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling"

Pastoral Prayer & Lord's Prayer

Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, and Forgive Us Our Trespasses

As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us,

And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil
For Thine Is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory

Forever and Ever. Amen.

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     "Reckless Love," by Cory Asbury

Heather Mercer, Soprano

Scripture                                              John 15:12-17

Message                                           Rev. Dr. Jason Snow

Prayer of Dedication

Gracious God, your hospitality has surrounded us and welcomed us, even when we only grudgingly extended hospitality to sisters and brothers who are also your children. May we grow each day in our willingness to be welcoming disciples, not just to those who look like us, talk like us, or think like us. May our offering this morning be received not just in gratitude for your hospitality, but as our way to extend comfort and welcome to those for whom your love is a mystery. We pray in Christ’s holy name. Amen.

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Opportunities for Discipleship

- Register PreK-6th Grade Students for "Quest for the Code" at home summer fun!

- Email Roxanne if you are willing to be a contact-free driver to drop off "Quest for the Code" bags at homes in & around Burke

- Check out the Burke Gives Back page and consider picking up a yard sign to display at your home.

Closing Hymn                   "I've Always Loved You"


Postlude                        "Hold On to the Rock," Pepper Choplin

                                                   Chancel Choir, June 2019

                                              Bob Read & Susie Street, Soloists

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