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A Message from Sandy Latta

For more than 15 years, the non-profit Art for Humanity, (Art for Humanity -- Donate shoes in Arlington, Va.), founded by Methodist pastor Glen Evans, has worked in Honduras to bolster self-sufficiency by making the most of the talent that exists there. These paintings were all done by Honduran artists like Omar. Omar H. is a man who lives in a rural community called Peminto. He has 4 children and a wife at home with him. He makes his living painting - store signs or art in barbershops or churches. A team from Burke UMC visited Honduras in 2018 to work with children and teachers at an English language school.  Art for Humanity also works with farmers, helping to cultivate more nutritious food. All these paintings were framed by craftsmen in Honduras.


Please click "view details" on each item to see the frame color, size, and artists's name.