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Social Justice with Burke UMC


The Hebrew word "shalom" (שָׁלוֹם) has many translations, but, in general, refers to a state of peace, tranquility, wholeness and well‐being. It is a state of being that God desires for all people but is out of reach of many due to inequity in our social systems, marginalization of particular groups, and threat from environmental change. The goal of Social Justice Ministry at Burke UMC is to educate and empower people to act individually or in groups to help change policies, structures and systems so that they work on behalf of the common good. We are called to help build beloved community and bring about God's shalom justice.

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Economic Justice and Poverty

Although a wealth gap is a natural outcome of capitalism, carefully written and enforced policies and laws cause the difference in income available to the top earners in the U.S. and that available to bottom earners to grow at an increasing pace. While race is not the only factor determining earning ability, it is significant, as the top earners are primarily white and the bottom earners primarily persons of color. In addition, many of the policies and laws have the added effect of pitting bottom earners of different races against each other, all to the benefit of those earning the most. As disciples of Christ, we are called not only to alleviate immediate symptoms of the wealth gap, such as food insecurity and access to health care, but to go further and find ways to help tackle the root causes of economic injustice and poverty.

How can we become effective allies in the fight for economic justice?

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Environmental Justice

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Gender Equity

Gun Violence

Justice in Immigration

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Racial Equity

We are called to help build a community where systematic fair treatment of all people results in equitable opportunities and outcomes for everyone and where race does not determine one's socioeconomic status, access to resources and opportunities or power and voice in the decisions that impact the ability to thrive.

How can we become effective allies in the fight for racial equality?

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