Thank you, Pastor Katie!

As you know, Pastor Katie has been reappointed to the Vine Church and will be leaving this summer after a wonderful 10 years with Burke UMC. We want to show our appreciation and love for Katie as she transitions!

Here are some ways you can plug into this farewell effort:













We had a great Farewell Car Parade for Pastor Katie on May 16. Thanks for everyone who came out to celebrate! In case you couldn't make it, there are still some ways you can wish Katie well as she transitions to her new appointment! 

Donate to Love Offering:

If you would like to give a love offering to Katie as she moves to her new appointment, you can write a check to the church or give through PayPal and we will use that money to provide a gift and monies for Katie and her family as a sign of our appreciation for her time serving Burke as both a staff member and pastor.

Send in Video Messages:

We're putting together a compilation of video messages full of gratitude and well wishes for Katie and would love for you to send in one of your own! You can record a message (keep it to around a minute or less) on your phone, laptop, or any other camera and then upload it HERE. The video will only be shared will be shared with Katie directly, not in any social media/public platforms. If you have any problems or need help, email Michelle at communications@burkeumc.org!

Please join us in praying for Katie and her family as they are going through

this exciting and busy season of transition!