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Intentional faith development is a core value at Burke. 

We encourage everyone who attends BUMC to be intentionally seeking to know God better through Bible study, individual and group study, and spiritual conversation. We offer learning opportunities for everyone from our youngest to our older members. 


This year's Sunday morning schedule includes worship at 9:30 AM with a Sunday School hour following, beginning at 10:30 AM. We hope this Dedicated Sunday School hour will allow for everyone- no matter your age- to have an opportunity to be a part of worship and be a part of a class in which you learn and grow your faith! We also have small groups throughout the week. Use the links below to find a class that works for you!

Adult Education

Adult Education:

We believe in learning and growing in our faith in community here at BUMC. We have a new round of adult education classes starting at different points throughout the year and would love for you to choose the one that fits your schedule/interests the best. Questions? Contact Rev. Evelyn Archer-Taminger for more details or to get connected with a group's leader.

Fall 2023 classes will begin the week of September 10th!

Short Term Classes:

Just Faith: Environmental Justice

Would you like to learn more about our Christian responsibility to care for our planet? We are thrilled to offer Just Faith Environment: Sacred Land beginning September 26. Just Faith will meet Tuesdays at 7pm via Zoom. This class will run through November 28.

✔️ Facilitated by Frank Esposito and Robert Greenwood

📍Tuesdays at 7 PM on Zoom

Our Wesleyan Heritage

The United Methodist Church has a history that spans much longer than the name "United Methodist". As members of this denomination, it is important that we know this history, and the main distinctions of Methodist theology. This short, 8-week class will discuss the life and legacy of John Wesley, the major events of our denomination's history, and where we stand today. Our Wesleyan Heritage meets at 10:30am on Sundays in The Discipleship Room.

✔️ Facilitated by Rev. Ev

📍Sundays at 10:30 AM in The Discipleship Room (formerly Room B10)

Forgiveness Class

Starting October 18, Dan Freeman will lead this group through Adam Hamilton's "Forgiveness". This class will meet Wednesdays at 7pm in The Discipleship Room. 

✔️ Facilitated by Dan Freeman

📍Wednesdays at 7 pm in The Discipleship Room (formerly Room B10)

Ongoing/Long Term Classes:

HOPE Small Group: 

HOPE is studying "Paul was not a Christian; the Original Message of a Misunderstood Disciple". This book looks at the historical characterization of the Apostle Paul, and encourages us to look at his life and work with fresh perspective. This study will encourage the class to examine Paul's legacy as a Jewish leader, a community organizer, and a Christ follower. HOPE meets at 10:45am on Sundays via Zoom.

✔️ Facilitated by Audrey Romasco, assisted by Frank Marlow

📍Sundays at 10:45 AM (gathering at 10:45, lesson starting at 11 am) on Zoom

GIFT Small Group: 

GIFT is studying "Mysteries of the Messiah" by Rabbi Jason Sobel. This book looks as the many ways we can see glimpses of the Messiah throughout the Old Testament and leading into the New; through history, symbolism, and narrative. GIFT meets at 10:30am on Sundays in the Grace & Peace Room.

✔️ Facilitated by Ken Robison

📍 Sundays at 10:30 AM in The Grace & Peace Room (Formerly B12 & B11)

Women in Study (WIS):

Women in Study will resume meeting on September 7th with an in-person get together at the church, then resume zoom meetings the next week. Their first study of the Fall will be "Short Stories Jesus Told" by Amy Jill-Levine. They meet at 10am on Thursdays via zoom. Women in Study is an encouraging and supportive group of women who regularly study thought-provoking works of faith.

✔️ Facilitated by Roz Hoagland

📍 Thursdays at 10 AM-11:30 am on Zoom

Men's Fellowship Group:

Men's Fellowship will be reading "The Gospel of Mark: A Beginner's Guide to the Good News". Men's Fellowship is a group of men who seek to grow in their faith through intentional conversation and education. Men's Fellowship meets each first and third Thursday at 7:30pm on Zoom.

✔️ Facilitated by Tom Jaeger

📍 Meets each 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 7:30-9:00 pm on Zoom

Tuesday Morning Small Group:

The Tuesday Morning Class will be studying "Bible Stories for Grown Ups" by Josh Scott. This book looks at stories commonly read to children through eyes of all ages. This class will meet Tuesdays at 10am on Zoom.

✔️ Facilitated by Kathy Nash

📍 Tuesdays at 10 AM on Zoom

Parent Fellowship:

Parents Fellowship is a conversation-based group of parents of Pre K and school age children. Each week, parents meet to discuss the themes brought up during the worship service, as well as check in with one another. No home reading is required. Parents Fellowship meets at 10:30am on Sundays in The Covenant Room.

✔️ Facilitated by Shannon Terranova

📍 Sundays at 10:30 am in The Covenant Room (formerly Room B13)

Disciple 1:

Disciple 1 is back this fall! This class if a chance to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the Bible for a richer and more personal faith walk through individual study of the Old and New Testaments. Participants will need to purchase the Disciple 1 Fast Track Study Manuals for the Old and New Testament which can be found at www.cokesbury.comThis class will run for 24 sessions.

✔️ Facilitated by Mike Sawin and Randy Jones

📍Mondays from 7:00-8:30 PM in The Discipleship Room (formerly Room B10)

Past Events

LEARN Livestreams:

November 7, 2021: Nevertheless She Preached

We were so grateful to Rev. Dr. Margaret Kutz for her wonderful book talk highlighting two influential women in the Methodist movement on November 7, 2021. If you missed the event, you can check out the video livestream! There are some buffering issues, but hopefully that won't hinder your ability to watch and learn with us. Keep an eye out for more LEARN events coming soon!

February 27, 2022: Sacred Voices

Author and poet Sherri Waas Shunfenthal gave a presentation on a collection of poetry she wrote called "Sacred Voices: Women of Genesis Speak". Her poems are written from these ancient women's points of view, and her words reflect their joy, their pain, and their relationship with the Lord. Sherri, a Jewish woman herself, examines these women's stories with reverence and care. 

February 19, 2023: Prayer Event

BUMC prayer leaders explain different ways to connect with God. A great event to watch if you've been looking to deepen your personal prayer life outside of worship!


Children & Youth:

We believe it's important for children and youth to LEARN in ways that is fun and developmentally appropriate! We invite you to visit our children and youth pages using the links below to find the current opportunities for your children and youth to LEARN in community!

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 3.45.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 12.58.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 8.31.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 4.29.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2.25.11 PM.png

More Opportunities to LEARN:



Amplify is a digital platform you can subscribe to for FREE! It is full of video teaching, conversation, and devotionals from Methodist & Wesleyan teachers for all ages. One member said it was her new NETFLIX!


You can use the Burke UMC Access Code, which is WHBLZG.

Burke United Methodist takes seriously the responsibility of protecting all of God's children. All of our staff and volunteers are trained using our Safe Sanctuaries policy.


Learning can happen in community and individually. If you are looking for ways to dive into your faith and expand on certain topics you're interested in, there are some courses and resources that can help guide your learning. 

Have questions about our LEARN ministries? Reach out to Rev. Evelyn Archer-Taminger!

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