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BUMP Registration 2023-2024

January 30: Registration opens to current BUMP families, Alumni, and BUMC church members.

February 13: Registration opens to the public.


To register your child(ren) for the 2023-2024 preschool year, please submit the form below and take note:

  • At the time of registration, a fee of $150 per student (non-church members) or $75 per student (church members) is due.

    • Tuition for May 2024 is required to be paid prior to June 1, 2023.

    • A birth certificate or passport must be presented to Preschool Director by September 5, 2023.

    • A Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form with up-to-date immunizations is due by September 6, 2023. This form must be on file to start school on time.


Register Today! 

At the time of registration, a non-refundable fee of $150 per student (non-church members) or $75 per student (church members) is due. You can pay using the links below!

BUMP Registration 2023-2024
Child's Gender:
Select an option

I agree to pay tuition for May 2024 before June 1, 2023.

I agree to submit the School Entrance Health Form with full up to date immunizations prior to my child’s first day of school.

All children in 3s, 4s, and Transition class must be toilet trained. This means that each child must be able to use the toilet independently including wiping, management of clothes, and hand washing. Pull-ups of any kind cannot substitute complete toilet training. Parents of children who have repeated accidents may be called to come and change their child. Children who continue to exhibit non-toilet trained behaviors may be requested to withdraw from the preschool. Should that occur, the May 2024 fee will not be refunded until the space is filled.

Your initials below indicates your agreement to the above statements.

Once you submit, an acknowledgement message will appear at the bottom of this form and you will receive a submission email. Lindsey Lyons will confirm within 48 hours.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.

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