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Because of your generous donations, we were able to surpass our goal of raising $100,000 for phase 1A of our Building A Better Burke initiative. Our current fundraising total is $113,296. Any additional funds will go towards future phases of our renovation efforts. Thanks for your commitment to this important project! 

WELCOME: What The Project Is

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Building a Better Burke is all about reimagining our church building to better meet the needs of our church and local community! How could redesigning or upgrading our kitchen help us to support and increase our food and church ministries? How could a dedicated SHARE/outreach area help us better meet the needs of our community? How can create larger gathering spaces to create more space for community engagement? How could we better use our classroom spaces to expand or reimagine our LEARN Core Ministry Area? There are so many possibilities! Let's work together to “Build a Better Burke!”


We encourage you to look through the historical information below that outlines how we got here if this is the first you are hearing about Burke Gives Back and then read below for updates on where we are right now!


Phase 1A of Renovations Complete:

We are pleased to share that Phase 1A of our Building A Better Burke renovation project is complete! Thanks to all the volunteers who came out for our two work days and for the tireless efforts of Tom Muldoon & Mike Holmes, who have been our project managers, and the help from a handful of regular volunteers throughout the summer (Walter Rieder, Ping Wang, Charlie Wagner, Bruce Tiso, Gerry Staudte, Mike Sawin, Julie Chapman). 


What’s Next:

On May 9th, The Building Renovation Committee presented at a Church Conference their recommendations for the next Phase of the renovations, which included:

1. Complete renovations of the Outreach Area (as part of Phase 1B)

2. Develop a plan for renovating the kitchen, which would take place as part of Phase 3 of the renovation project.  This would also include planning to add flooring and soundproofing to the Fellowship Hall

3. Shift the original plans to create a larger office in the main office area (Currently in Phase 2) to a later phase as we assess the general need.


These recommendations were approved by a majority vote, and beginning Summer 2024, the Building Renovation Committee will move forward with the outlined projects, starting with the completion of renovations to the Outreach Area.


See below the slides that were presented at the church conference. We look forward to keeping the congregation updated on these exciting improvements to our church building!

We couldn't do this without you!
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TEAM: Who Is Helping Us Get There?

We’re grateful for the following Building Renovation Committee members who have and continue to give of their time and talents to help us Build a Better Burke!  

  • Roxanne Edwards

  • Michael Holmes

  • Tom Muldoon

  • Marion Rieder

  • Mike Sawin

  • Anne Schoolcraft (Co-chair)

  • Bruce Tiso (Co-chair)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: How did we get here?

Click through the pages below to learn more about this project!

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