Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. -Philippians 4:6

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Saturdays, 9AM
Leader: John Richards

A type of prayer and meditation using silence, seeking deeper
connection with God and others. All are welcome.





Outside on church property at 6200 Burke Centre Parkway

We have a new prayer labyrinth in the shape of a cross located behind our Fellowship Hall off the path behind our building. A prayer labyrinth is an opportunity to walk through and direct your focus toward God. Unlike a maze, which has dead ends and the possibility of getting lost, a labyrinth has a clear path with twists and turns. In this way it resembles the journey of life. There are many approaches one can take when walking the labyrinth.

Here are a few of these approaches to get you started:

  1. You can think of the labyrinth in three movements. As you move toward the center of the labyrinth, you can focus on letting go of worldly attachments or approach God with the questions on your heart. Once at the center, you can remain here to reflect upon your relationship with God right now and pray that your life may be centered on God. As you leave the labyrinth, you can reflect upon the ways that you will walk with Jesus away from the cross and what new places of hope and grace may be your next steps.

  2. Another way is asking God a question as you enter the path. Then, as you walk slowly through the labyrinth, listen for the Spirit’s nudgings. Let your steps and your silence invite the presence and guidance of God. As you leave, think about what ways God has revealed God’s presence to you in your walking.

  3. You can start your journey with confession, allowing your journey to the center of the cross being a giving up of those choices or struggles that are hindering your relationship with God. At the center, commune with God and ask for God’s forgiving Spirit to wash over you. As you journey out, name affirmations of God’s presence and love in your life. Pause at the exit and give thanks for your cleansing journey.

  4. Simply be silent and listen for the sounds around you and give thanks to God for God’s creation and the community around you.