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Imagining God's possibilities for 2022 together!

As we look ahead to 2022, we are asking our members and Burke family to pray about what ways they may be able to contribute to help us accomplish the ministry that God is calling us to. We ask for prayer for our church and its mission, prayers about your financial pledge for the coming year, and prayers that we might accomplish our financial goals in 2022. We know there are still many unknowns about 2022 and this can be anxiety producing, but we also know that the unknown can create endless possibilities.


Will you explore these possibilities with us as we move through stewardship season together?! 

Pathways of Possibility: An Introduction

Each year, we make a brochure introducing our theme and goals for the year. We invite you to check out the brochure by clicking the button below and celebrate all that we've been able to do as a congregation over the past year and dream with us about God's possibility for the upcoming year. 

Pathways Brochure

We invite you to be in prayer about your pledge in the weeks to come and then fill out your pledge card either online or by mailing it into the church.

Pondering Possibilities Together

Watch the videos below to hear about how God has been at work in the lives of members & friends through the ministries of Burke UMC. 

Burke UMC Members & Friends: Kids and Youth Ministry

Anna, Maya, Katherine, Josh, and Darphaus share about the impact that children and youth ministries have had on them and/or their children. 

Roxanne Edwards: Burke Is Love

Roxanne Edwards shares about how Burke Church embodies love and has been a place for people to grow and learn through various ministries.

Burke UMC Members & Friends: Growing In Faith

Heather, Marc, Sonya, and Cindy share about the many ways they've been involved in the ministries of Burke UMC and how their faith has grown because of their involvement over the years.

Burke UMC Friends & Members: On Mission

Brooke, Beth, Bob, Dee, and Anne share about their experience being in ministry with folks through BurkeGivesBack and why it's been a meaningful experience for them.

Rev. Dr. Jason Snow: Possibilities and Plans

Pastor Jason shares a sermon on plans and possibilities as he introduces us to our stewardship goals and theme for 2022.

Sally Ann Jaeger: Welcome & Warmth (& Banana Bread)

Sally Ann Jaeger shares memories from her first visit at Burke UMC - and the banana bread that hit the spot after a long day working in the yard! 

Burke UMC Pledge Card

In Response to God’s grace and love Christ Jesus, I/We intend to give this offering in support of Burke United Methodist Church’s on-going ministry. I/We understand that this amount may be changed if necessary by notifying the church office.

Amount to be given in 2022
Please enter your amount below in the box below based on whether you plan to give weekly, monthly, or annually.

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Thanks for submitting your 2022 pledge card! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Jason at We appreciate your generosity and are glad to be in community with you!!