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Through it all, God is with us!

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen unprecedented changes in our world and our communities. We were fortunate for the church’s continued generosity, as well as funds from both the federal and local government that helped churches, businesses and other non-profits weather the storm.


As we transitioned into 2022, our budget was significantly impacted by an urgent need to assist refugees from the war in Ukraine and an economy still struggling with inflation, broken supply chains and a labor shortage. We also saw people’s investments diminish. We recognize that this shifted people’s budgets and financial priorities. The church saw diminishing income from in-person offerings, groups no longer meeting in person who gave consistent donations, and people unable to give at the levels they had previously. As we come to a new year where we try to predict budgetary needs in an ever shifting climate, we approach our financial campaign seeking to continue the vital and important ministry we do without having to increase our budget.


We took time in 2022 to examine our expenses and be the best stewards we could with our expenditures. Our hope is you will look at these resources and stories and prayerfully consider giving generously to the church in 2023 so we can continue to finance the good work we have been called to do in the coming year.

Through It All

Each year, we make a brochure introducing our theme and goals for the year. You can download a printable version of this year's brochure HERE! You will also receive a copy in the mail.

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A Giving Exercise!

The amount mentioned in the Bible as the portion of wealth we should return to God is 10%. Using this worksheet, we invite you to calculate 10% of your household's income. You may not be able to give this amount currently, but we ask that you pray about the possibility of raising the amount of giving by a percentage over last year. Click HERE to download and print this document!


Ministry/Giving Stories


Steve: A Giving Journey Transformed over Time

Lena + Corey: Seeing The Fruits of Your Generosity

Check back for more stories coming soon!

Burke UMC Estimate of Giving Card

In response to God’s grace and love, I/We intend to give this offering in support of Burke United Methodist Church’s ongoing ministry. I/We understand that this amount may be changed if necessary by notifying the church office.

Amount to be given in 2023
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*For instructions on how to enroll in automatic giving, please visit our Giving Page by clicking HERE.