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Help us meet our current financial goals so we can continue to grow in our faith through generous giving.

In 2023, we are projecting that we will receive 1.05-1.06 million dollars. As we look to 2024, our proposed budget totals close to 1.08 million. Although we have worked to reduce costs in many areas, others have gone up, as many of you have experienced in your own homes. We would be thrilled for folks to increase their giving to meet the budgetary need that makes all our programs and outreach possible. If you go to, we have multiple tools to help you discern your giving, from stories from members about why they give, a calculator to help you consider your percentage of giving, to our budget that illustrates what we spend to make Burke UMC ministry a reality. Your generosity is so greatly appreciated and we hope you will consider what giving may look like for your family and fill out your Estimate of Giving Card either on this page or in hard copy by October 29th.

Rooted in Generosity. Growing in Faith.

Each year, we make a brochure introducing our theme and goals for the year. You can download a printable version of this year's brochure HERE! You will also receive a copy in the mail.

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A Giving Exercise!

The amount mentioned in the Bible as the portion of wealth we should return to God is 10%. Using this worksheet, we invite you to calculate 10% of your household's income. You may not be able to give this amount currently, but we ask that you pray about the possibility of raising the amount of giving by a percentage over last year. Click HERE to download and print this document!


Past Ministry/Giving Stories


Steve: A Giving Journey Transformed over Time

Lena + Corey: Seeing The Fruits of Your Generosity

Katie + Kimberly: The Importance of Giving

Burke UMC Estimate of Giving Card

In response to God’s grace and love, I/We intend to give this offering in support of Burke United Methodist Church’s ongoing ministry. I/We understand that this amount may be changed if necessary by notifying the church office.

Amount to be given in 2024
Please enter your amount below in the box below based on whether you plan to give weekly, monthly, or annually.

Select an option

Thanks for submitting your 2024 Estimate of Giving Card! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Jason at We appreciate your generosity and are glad to be in community with you!!

Pledge Card

*For instructions on how to enroll in automatic giving, please visit our Giving Page by clicking HERE.

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