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NLI Updates:

Next Level Innovations (NLI) is an investment in churches that have a recognized potential for reaching more people in their community and inviting them to become disciples of Jesus.  These churches have healthy and coachable leadership (clergy and lay).

NLI has multiple components including a foundation of prayer, monthly clergy training, two to three laity training events, an intensive weekend of church study, a detailed report and recommendation for innovations specially developed for the church, and follow up coaching for a year or more. To learn more about NLI, click here.

Read below to see where we are in the process and what exciting things are in store for us as a church community!

My Story

Hi Burke Family,


In 2018, we were identified as a church that had strong leadership and exciting ministries happening by the Alexandria District of The United Methodist Church and invited to engage in a process called NLI - Next Level Innovations. Since then, we have engaged in ministry focus groups, continuing education for the pastoral staff, a big weekend of visioning, and congregation-wide town halls, all with the goal of focusing on where our congregation can continue to refine our mission and vision. In 2018, we voted on the top five innovations that we felt like were great next steps forward as we continue to engage in community and ministry together! 


We invite you to take some time to listen to this video from Pastor Jason as he walks us through some of the exciting steps we’ve taken and where we’re hoping to continue to develop these innovations in the coming years!

The chart below outlines the innovations identified through the NLI process. To read details about each of the innovations, as well as view a detailed report about the process, please click here.

NLI Graphic.png

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Pastor Jason at and he'd be happy to chat!

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