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January 2022: Paid Sick Days

1.2 million private sector workers (41 percent) in Virginia do not have paid sick days. This results in many low-wage workers having to choose between staying home when they or their children are ill or not getting paid. For many, the wage lost equals a month's worth of groceries. When employees go to work when ill, they endanger their own health and that of their co-workers.


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"You shall not withhold the wages of poor and needy laborers…" - Deuteronomy 24:14


Lord, God, we pray for workers who are forced to choose between full wages and staying home when they or their children are ill and that cries for justice in the area of paid sick days will be heard by our state and local leaders. We pray that employers will see their workers as brothers and sisters and willingly accept the responsibility to provide not only a living wage, but also paid sick days and other benefits that allow workers to maintain their health and well-being and that of their families. We acknowledge that we are often only willing to engage in the struggle for justice to the extent that it does not require sacrifice or disturb our peace and security. We ask for the courage to be willing to be uncomfortable when means the possibility for greater justice for others.

For Consideration

1. Consider the difficulty that workers with no paid sick days must have when deciding whether to stay home when they or a family member are ill. What might they have to take into consideration? How do you think constant concern over falling ill might affect them long term?

2. How does advocating for paid sick days intersect with what you believe to be your calling in Christ?


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