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The mission of BurkeGivesBack is to seek to meet the physical, spiritual, emotional, and connectional needs of Burke's most in-need residents and families and to discern how we can best “love our neighbors” through God's calling, compassion, and community. We do this by inviting the community to participate in our events and collection drives.

Year Round:

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To get involved or learn more, please email our Outreach Director, Katie Glick, at katieglick@burkeumc.org.

Rotating Collections:


We currently serve 200 + families each month.  Beginning in March, families can choose to come into the co-op and select the products that are best for their families.  Due to partnerships with local businesses and non-profits, each family receives about 6 bags of groceries, including non-perishables, produce, milk, eggs, frozen meat, bakery products and cleaning and hygiene supplies.  In February, each family received a full bag of hygiene supplies and special Valentine’s treats!

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HISTORY OF BurkeGivesBack

Because we are called by our faith to “Love Your Neighbor”, Burke United Methodist Church started holding “Change the World” events in May 2010.  As our neighbors became interested in this event, we looked for ways to involve the community  in helping to care for others and to learn about the needs both locally and far away.  BurkeGivesBack was born in May 2017, and since then we have held May and October community events each year packing thousands of meals and collecting literally tons of food for area food banks. Our BurkeGivesBack Community Co-op is part of this ministry.

BurkeGivesBack Co-Op Stories

Joe’s Story

Joe and his mom came to the Burke Gives Back Community Food Co-op in May. He was leaning out of his car window with his arms outspread over his head. He kept spreading his arms wider and wider, saying “This is my lucky day!” “This is my lucky day!” “This is my lucky day!” With every sentence, he stood taller and taller, and his voice became louder and louder.

Angel's Story

The Burke Gives Back Food Co-Op is more than cans of food on shelves, it is really about people helping their neighbors. When we first opened the Co-Op we experienced difficulties in communicating with many of our members who were not native English speakers. One of our members, Angel volunteered to work at the Co-Op on Saturdays to act as an interpreter.

He is originally from Peru and lives locally with his eight grandchildren. Over the past six months, Angel has been there every Saturday, greeting each car, passing out information about other assistance programs and making sure each family gets groceries, diapers and school supplies, Every Saturday, Angel is the face of Burke United Methodist Church as we share our love for our neighbors, We are blessed to have an “Angel” in our Food Co-Op.