Our BurkeGivesBack Community Co-op, born on January 1, 2020, has seen the number of families needing groceries increasing every month.


In August, we served over 170 families. Due to generous

donations, we provide

over 50 pounds of non-perishable food as well as milk, eggs, produce, paper and cleaning products to each family each month. 

Late in August, over 180 children from 86 families received school supplies and more!

We Need Your Help!

Food CoOp

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YardSigns can be picked up next to the donation bins in the front circle of the church. Swing by any time.

Cost is $16.50 if you are able to to make a donation to cover the cost. If not, no problem! (Donations can be placed in the mailbox.)

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History of BurkeGivesBack


Because we are called by our faith to “Love Your Neighbor”, Burke United Methodist Church started holding “Change the World” events in May 2010.  As our neighbors became interested in this event, we looked for ways to involve the community  in helping to care for others and to learn about the needs both locally and far away.  BurkeGivesBack was born in May 2017, and since then we have held May and October community events each year packing thousands of meals and collecting literally tons of food for area food banks. Our BurkeGivesBack Community Co-op is part of this ministry.

BGB CoOp Stories

Joe’s Story

Joe and his mom came to the Burke Gives Back Community Food Co-op in May. He was leaning out of his car window with his arms outspread over his head. He kept spreading his arms wider and wider, saying “This is my lucky day!” “This is my lucky day!” “This is my lucky day!” With every sentence, he stood taller and taller, and his voice became louder and louder.


A volunteer stopped by his car to talk with him. He announced that he was in first grade. He was a GREAT reader, and he was a REALLY GOOD student, too!


The volunteer asked him why this was his lucky day.



Joe looked at the volunteers who were loading groceries into this car. His family was receiving bags full of non-perishable food, produce, milk, eggs, and bread. He looked back at the volunteer beside his car, then he raised his hands in the air again and shouted, “Because today WE HAVE FOOD!”


Joe could see the food. He didn’t know yet that there was information in the bags for his family. The information was in both English and Spanish. They were about to discover that there was even more help available to them.



Joe and his family left that day feeling welcomed, empowered, and inspired by the care and compassion she received through Burke Gives Back.


Maria's Story

Maria’s husband took care of Maria. She depended on him. He understood English and knew how to drive a car. But, everything changed when Maria’s husband got coronavirus. Maria was not an experienced driver, and she did not speak English; but Maria knew that she needed to get help for them both. So, Maria plucked up her courage and drove to the Burke Give Back Food Co-op.



When Maria parked her car, she did not know that she was parking a long way from the Co-op entrance. She saw people moving tables and grocery bags around, but Maria wasn’t sure what to do. So, Maria just sat in her car.


A volunteer noticed this and asked Maria if she needed food. Maria didn’t understand what the volunteer said, but she nodded at the word “food”. The volunteer asked Maria to move her car to the co-op entrance. Maria knew that the volunteer wanted her to move the car, but she wasn’t sure where the car should be. So, Maria drove to another part of the parking lot and parked in a different parking space.



At that point, the volunteer realized that Maria needed a Spanish speaker. She asked the Spanish-speaking volunteer to listen to Maria’s story. She helped her figure out where to move her car, helped her sign up for the co-op, and loaded 50 lbs. of food into Maria’s car.


The volunteer gave Maria a handout in Spanish that told her about more places that offered help. Maria could get medical help or her husband. She could get help from Fairfax County’s Neighborhood and Community Services. Specialists and translators were available to help with any difficulty she might face.



Maria left that day feeling welcomed, empowered, and inspired by the care and compassion she received through Burke Gives Back.

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