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Sharing Your Stories and Files:

We're grateful you are a part of our community. Thanks for sharing your photos/videos with us! If you have any questions or run into problems, please reach out to Michelle at

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Ministry Stories:

Thank you for your willingness to share your stories about how your faith has been shaped through the work of Burke Church. You can upload your video files by clicking the button below!

Here are some tips for recording a great video and sharing your story, all from the comfort of your own home: 

  1. You can use your phone or computer, whichever device is easiest for you! Recording horizontally is preferred (side to side, not up and down) but any format will work. 

  2. Pick a spot with a neat background (blank walls are great, cluttered kitchen tables aren't the best) and minimal background noise. 

  3. You can either prop your phone up or have someone record for you!

  4. Talk like you would talk to us. We want you to be you - thanks for sharing your stories with the BUMC community. 

  5. Please reach out to Michelle at if you have any problems!

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Events Photos:

If you snapped pictures during a BUMC community event or worship service, we'd love to see them! Photos uploaded may be used for social media, the newsletter, or future publications. We'll keep them in our archives too. Click the button below to upload - thanks for sharing!

Worship Videos

Thanks to all who serve as liturgist for our worship services! You can submit your videos by clicking the button below.

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