Food Insecurity

One of the effects of the wealth gap that we can most easily see and readily act to alleviate is food insecurity.  Even in an area as wealthy as Fairfax County, there are individuals and families who face daily scarcity as a result of economic injustice that results in job insecurity and low wages and affects their ability to access regular, healthy food. Globally, food scarcity will continue to worsen as climate change causes displacement of people and takes its toll on our ability to maintain areas of cultivation.  

Become Informed:

At Burke, food insecurity is one of the areas in which we have been most active, as evidenced by our Food Co‐op and our other feeding ministries. Below are some resources on food insecurity and suggestions for ways that you can help those who face scarcity.  

• Be introspective, prayerfully examining your beliefs and habits. Becoming a strong ally in a social justice movement requires ongoing self‐reflection, learning, and openness to growth.

• Sign up to receive emails with resources, information and opportunities for action on the issue of food insecurity







  • Be in prayer for those who are victims of injustice and those who work for social justice

  • Sign up to assist with the BUMC Food Co‐op

  • Pick up and deliver food for the BUMC gleaning ministry

  • Prepare and deliver hot breakfast for the homeless

  • Prepare a hot lunch for Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church

  • Assemble bags for the BUMC Middle School Munchies program

  • Volunteer for an organization that supports those facing food insecurity


  • Become a part of a BUMC social justice team that focuses on economic injustice and narrowing the wealth gap

  • Write an article on food insecurity for the BUMC Connections Newsletter Write to legislators by clicking HERE to show your support for policies that help alleviate food insecurity and support economic justice

  • Find and join an organization that supports those facing food insecurity

Rise Up:

  • Attend demonstrations or protests aimed at demanding economic justice and narrowing the wealth gap