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Voting Rights

Voting is power because it allows us to have a say in who has influence over issues that affect our daily lives. Voting gives voice, and the ability to give voice offers individuals a sense of belonging and self‐worth. When we help uphold the Voting Rights Act, we are guarding this dignity and showing marginalized groups that their civic involvement matters.

Become Informed:

  • Be introspective, prayerfully examining the United Methodist stance on social issues and your own beliefs and habits. Becoming a strong ally in a social justice movement requires ongoing self-reflection, learning, and openness to growth.



  • Become a part of a Burke UMC social justice team that focuses on voting rights

  • Write an article on the issue of voting rights for the Burke UMC Connections Newsletter

  • Write to legislators by clicking HERE to show your support for the For the People Act (click HERE for more information)

  • Find and join other organizations that promote voting rights


Rise Up:

  • Attend demonstrations or protests aimed at supporting voting rights

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